Junior Sous is about inspiring and educating a new generation of young chefs. We want to help teach children that "healthy" isn't boring or lacking in flavor. We are passionate about making healthy food fun and approachable to people of all ages, but especially children. While participating in a cooking class your child will have the opportunity to try new foods in a fun environment with the support and encouragement of peers. Creating a dish from scratch is an engaging way for children to participate in their own nutrition and adds interest in trying new foods.

Not only do we encourage children to create and cook, we also introduce the idea of hospitality and building community through the table. We want our students to have a sense of pride about their food and to share it with important people in their lives. Sharing a meal with a loved one is not only about eating, but about valuing the time spent creating and savoring time together enjoying the meal. In our classes your child will be inspired to innovate, create, and cook! 

Meet Your Teachers


Sarah Adams has spent her entire life in the Pacific Northwest and has been passionate about cooking since a young age. To Sarah cooking is more than just preparing food. It evokes memories, nourishes our bodies and our souls, and is an amazing way to connect with people. Some of her best memories involve times spent around a table with family or friends. Before cooking professionally, Sarah worked as a babysitter and a nanny for many years. Sarah attended Seattle Central Culinary Academy and has been cooking since 2010. Most recently Sarah was the Sous Chef at Rione XIII for Ethan Stowell Restaurants. Sarah is excited to teach your kids how to cook!



Brianna Bato Draper has been interested in cooking from the very beginning. It started with helping her mom in the kitchen and has led Brianna to take classes of her own to refine her cooking skills. Not only does Brianna love cooking, she loves kids! After nannying in Seattle for many years, she completed her degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Washington. On weekdays, she works in Early Learning at a preschool in northeast Seattle. She is thrilled to finally be combining two of her greatest passions, cooking and working with children. 

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